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SMART objectives

Setting objective is not as easy as it seems. In order to set objectives on a valuable way, using the SMART method is appropriate.

S Specific

Each objective must be clearly, precisely and positively formulated. The objective must enable the colleague to answer the following question: " what do I want to achieve and how can I achieve it ? "

M Measurable

Each objective must be measurable in order to enable the manager to assess the realisation of the goals.

A Achievable

The colleague must make an effort in order to achieve the objective set. The goal must be achievable.

R Realistic

The colleague must be given the necessary and sufficient abilities in order to achieve his/her objectives.

T Time-bound

One of the most important data is the period of time in which the objectives must be achieved. For each objective, this period of time must be clearly specified.


Conclusion: Each objective is detailed and translated into indicators. These give a concrete and objective basis in order to assess the results.