"My priority is to help people realize their potential and talent using a technique that is both methodical and empathic"

Bilan Professionnel

  1. First meeting with the colleague(s)

    Biography, career and life choice, values. Setting the objectives to achieve together.

  2. Analysis of the professional career

    Analysis of the several steps, tasks, achievements, reasons for the changes. Identifying the unifying theme.

  3. Analysis of the achievements

    Identification of the colleague's strong points to develop.

  4. MBTI-Questionnaire

    Thanks to a MBTI questionnaire: putting your colleagues' characteristics, personality, approach and relational functioning (hierarchy, peers, subordinates...) at a higher level.

  5. Synthesis and appropriate actions

    Setting up of a development plan, trainings and actions in order to meet the different objectives.


  • The colleague puts the unifying theme of his/her own professional career on a higher level by improving his/her competencies and talents.
  • He / she draws up the list of things that marked his/her life and choices; he/she knows his/her skills and gaps, the circumstances that lead him/her to successes or to failures.
  • He/she gets a specific idea of his/her potential assets for a next job, a new step in life.
  • He/she puts a development plan in place thanks to the assistance given.