"My priority is to help people realize their potential and talent using a technique that is both methodical and empathic"

Personal assessment

  1. First meeting

    You define your values, your life and career choices and we set the objectives of coaching together.

  2. Self-evaluation

    You determine your personal characteristics on the basis of a study of your achievements and of your biography.

  3. MBTI test

    Thanks to the MBTI test and to our conversation, you will better understand your personality, your preferences, your approach and your relational functioning.

  4. Concrete actions - Conclusions

    Setting up of an action plan in order to meet your objectives and your present and future desires.


  • You get a better knowledge of your personal characteristics (strong and weak points) and you become aware of your own image..
  • You begin to get a better idea of the contexts that are favorable to your functioning.
  • You get a better idea of your improvement axes. You decide on which points you want to work in order to be fulfilled in your professional and private life.
  • Finally, you live consistently with your values.