"My priority is to help people realize their potential and talent using a technique that is both methodical and empathic"

MBTI 1 & 2 and "Team"

In order to accompany you at best, I am using the MBTI method (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®)

This method describes with flexibility the preferences linked to your personality.


  • Professional orientation – Individual fulfillment – Defining your best kind of work and finding solutions to develop it in order to be more efficient
  • Development of your leading capacity – Helping the executives to assess the impact of their personal style on other people. Identifying their strong points and the fields, whatever they are, on which it could be necessary for them to progress in order to be more efficient.
  • Forming a team and progressing – Getting a better idea of the way of working of the team – Improving the communication within the team, making the resolution of problems easier, encouraging the value of diversity - resolving conflicts
  • Changes within an organization – Understanding why everybody acts differently regarding changes and how to assist people during the process
  • Improving the communication - Helping people understand how to communicate efficiently with different speakers
  • School and professional advice – identifying the kinds of learning and the motivations – improving teaching and learning methods and offering a professional orientation
  • Relational advice – Improving the quality of your relations and of your interactions understanding and promoting the differences

Source : OPP Europe