"My priority is to help people realize their potential and talent using a technique that is both methodical and empathic"

Jacqueline Leroy

Specialist in coaching, training, outplacement in businesses, orientation and management of individual's career.

"My priority is to help people release their own potential and talent to achieve their evolution objectives thanks to a methodical and empathic approach."

Skills and experience

I worked for 19 years in human ressource departments in Europe and Asia as coach, HR consultant, recruitment manager and specialist in outplacement and inplacement.

My job is to assist people who work in a business or who are self-employed on a practical way in order to help them improve their efficiency, their employability and their quality of life.

My purpose is to identify a person or a team's needs in the framework of a change of management and to offer them assistance in the learning of new skills.

Tools :

The professional and personal assessment, the MBTI test (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®), the STAR method, the SMART criteria... These coaching tools will enable the person to distinguish more clearly his/her professional mission and his/her life prospects.